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Medical Expertise

The Medical Expertise Department of Clinica Dr. Avelar which is led by Dr. António Bastos (member of the APADAC - Injury Evaluation Association of Portugal, and of the CEREDOC - European Confederation of Medical Experts in the Assessment and Compensation of Physical Injury) provides you doctors specialized in Assessment and Compensation of Physical Injury.

The Department is devoted to interfere in cases of Occupational Accidents, traffic accidents or any other situations in which is necessary to assess the level of disability.

It also exercises the assessment of disability in case of early pension and accompanies you through whole process until the decision-making point.

The process goes through free initial check up, to assessment of disability considering it in valid legal terms.

Doctors specialized in Medical Expertise.

Medical Expertise Reports

Occupational Accidents Occupational Diseases
Traffic Accidents

Assessment of Physical Injury

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