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System of Labour Medicine, Safety and Hygiene Management



Clinica Dr. Avelar, with the use of the latest technologies, has implemented a software which is nowadays the most advanced system designated for providers of Labour Medicine, Safety and Hygiene activities.

The software provides easy use in every place at every time, as well as it provides the information of everybody and for every participants through website accesible on Intranet or Internet.

This grants to our clients the access to the information of their company, workrooms and employees. Client can easily visualize the history of completed consults and reports of upcoming consults.

ur client will have the access to the check up diary where can see the time and place where employees will go to the consult.

The access and confirmation of completion of the consult is done in real time, once the consult is completed.
Client has the right to printed Certificates of Aptitude of their employees and Anual Report of Labour Safety and Hygiene.

All these documents are secured by access name and password.
In Labour Medicine, to arrange periodically check ups can be done to arrange different periodicity for Company, Workrooms, Workplaces or even Employees. Our

"Next Check ups" Report serves to facilitate the planning of all activities.
The software has exclusive part, destinated for Labour Safety and Hygiene Departments, in every workroom which provides to Labour Safety and Hygiene

Technicians verify every upcoming and arranged activity, to register it and to add Audit documents.
Attechment D Unique ACT Report is another automatic process. The Report describes the Labour Safety and Hygiene activities.

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