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Safety and Hygiene
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We are comitted to provide our products and service in the highest quality and our main objective is maintain the client's trust. We guarantee coslutant and quantitative support in Labour Hygiene and Safety, so we can facilitate the client more competitive and safe bussiness.

Our Labour Safety, Hygiene and Health Services seek to improve labour conditions, especially in the area of Occupational Accident and Disease Prevention.

  • Labour Safety and Hygiene Audits

  • Identification and Assessment of Occupational Risks

  • Assessment of Risks Associated to Physical Enviroment

  • Determination and Implementation of Prevention Measures

  • Elaboration of Prevention and Emergency Plans

  • Training of Employees in Labour Safety and Hygiene

Labour Safety and Hygiene Audits

The Labour Safety and Hygiene Audit are exercised by technician trained in safety and hygiene which elaborate a report where you can systematically and periodically learn the compatibility of the labour condititions with valid Labour Hygiene, Safety and Health legislation.




Assessment of Risks Associated to Physical Enviroment

The Assessment of Risks consists in detection, identification, assessment and quantification of existing risks. The main objective is improve the labour conditions and enhance the wellfare of employees by adoption of prevention measures and appropiate corrective measures.

Mensuration and Assessment of Noise Annoyance

The study of noise exposure, prevention plans and respective corrective measures are accomplished in order with valid legislation.


- Analysis by Workroom
- Daily Personal Exposure



Assessment of Comfort Condition/Thermal Stress

The Clinica Dr. Avelar is equipped by certificated and homologated equipment and counts with technicians which proceeds necessary studies, presentation of corrective measures and, when it is necessary, their implementation.





Assessment of Lighning Conditions

The Lightning is a factor which directly affects comfort, productivity and even health of employees at work.
Levels of Lightning at work are directly relationated with kind of executed task, having as a base dispositon of certificated technical equipment and valid legislation.

Determination and Implementation of Prevention Measures

Every year in Portugal, thousands of occupational accidents happen, mostly because of the lack of appropiate protection and safety equipment.
We help our clients to develop a set of information and basic rules of safety which is the most important instrument to evoid the exposure and to assure the success of individual and collective health protection measures at work.

Internal Emergency Plan

It is a set of instruction and procedures which are widely known and aplicable in case of unexpected incident that can endager persons and goods in the company.




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